Thursday, June 30, 2011

4. Redressing the facts

This blog has been created to redress insinuations, allegations, misinterpretations, and falsehoods concerning Voyageur Foundation and the Jarman family. It also tries to show how the media can manipulate information to foster it own view of a situation and act as judge and jury instead of reporting the facts as it should.

Article “Companies connected to money-laundering scandal” by Alison Macgregor, The Montreal Gazette, May 12, 2011

Miss Macgregor wrote “The extended family behind Voyageur Foundation runs 69 corporations in two Central American countries.”

Here are the facts – Only 5 of the 69 companies named by the Gazette are actually active and have links to Voyageur Foundation. Many of the 69 companies show up on the registry as cancelled. The extended family of Christian White and Angela Jarman have nothing to do with the management of Voyageur Foundation.

Miss Macgregor wrote “Many of these companies are connected to a Panamanian money laundering scandal involving former Nicaraguan president Arnoldo Aleman.”

Here are the facts – Voyageur Foundation, its members, founders and administrators have nothing to do with Arnoldo Aleman or any money laundering scandal!

Miss Macgregor wrote “Corporate records show that three Panama based individuals – Francis Perez, Leticia Montoya and Katia Solano – are part of the clandestine team behind Nicstate…one of several Panamanian firms used by Alemán to launder some of the approximately $100 million he was convicted of embezzling during his term as Nicaraguan president from 1997 to 2002.”

Here are the facts – The Panamanian registry shows that these 3 individuals - Francis Perez, Leticia Montoya and Katia Solano – serve on approximately 2,000 other corporations! They were assigned to the company as directors by law firm Mossack Fonseca to satisfy Panamanian regulations. The Panamanian registry not only publicly lists their names (which make one wonder about the choice of the word “clandestine”) it also records that Nicstate went on to change directors in 1999, a year before Voyageur Foundation was formed and several years before these companies were created. 

Miss Macgregor wrote “The same trio has been assigned essential duties at 29 of the Jarman and White Hernandez families’ Panamanian companies.”

Here are the facts –  We don't know what  she's talking about! "Essential duties” for inactive companies? Please consult your sources again and let us know just what these people have been doing for Voyageur, in case they decide to present us with a bill for services rendered!

Miss Macgregor wrote “Charles White Solano worked as a senior manager at a national co-operative organization in Costa Rica, where he and several co-workers were once accused by the government of stealing housing bond money from poor people. (The charges were forgiven after his former boss, powerful politician Rodolfo Navas Alvarado, reached a settlement with the government.)”

Here are the facts – Charles White Solano was not charged in relation to the management of the bond money. The entire event took place one year after he had moved to another organization! He was summoned as a witness. The money was not stolen – the funds were used to finance another housing project for homeless families. Voyageur Foundation is requesting a copy of the judicial report to set the record straight concerning Mr. White’s stellar reputation and high level of personal integrity. 

Miss Macgregor wrote “While many of the close to 1,000 Canadian Voyageur members are teetering on the brink of financial ruin, the people behind the “investment club” have been buy pursuing other business interests.”

Here are the facts - The founders of Voyageur Foundation have dedicated the last year to recovery efforts, funding an expensive court battle in different jurisdictions and informing members every step of the way.

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